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  1. She truly cares about your performance and takes pride in you reaching your full potential. She truly understands the in's and out's of the exam and can teach you all the skills you need, in the learning style that works best for you. During each session, you have her 100% attention and she will work with you until you have mastered all the material. Once she feels you are ready, she will let you know. She is incredibly honest, thorough, and highly recommended.
    Alex Price
    "I can not think of a better tutor than Dr. Lenny."
  2. Being a foreign country graduate, it is very important to know different ways to address an American patient. I am 100% sure there is no course out there where your mistakes are picked up so keenly and sincerely.
    Nadia Kam
    "I was lucky to have Dr. Lenny pick up my mistakes."
  3. I once went to the NY gold review workshop and my online study partners went to the Kaplan class. I found only your way was easy, simple, and working
    Jianli Chen
    "I would definitely highly recommend Dr. Lenny."
  4. Thank you Dr. Lenny for all that you taught me. I passed!
    Concha Sanchez
    "All the tactics and techniques helped me a lot."

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